As we prepare for the 2019 Tackle Football season some association updates:

*Our next general meeting will be held, Monday June 24th at 6:30pm in the PBC School District cafeteria,

1st & 2nd year trainings will be held right after the General Membership meeting with our training coordinator David Campbell.  Please try to attend if not all then as many of these one on one trainings as possible. 

Flag Football Playoff list

Crew 1First and Last Name
RefereeChris Matthews
Line JudgeRoosevelt Young
Back judgeJeff Sobik
Field judgeCarlos Carles
Crew 2First and Last Name
RefereeWilliam Myrick
Line JudgeMike Apolaro
Back judgeRonnie Wood
Field judgeJeff Brown
Crew 3First and Last Name
RefereeLarry Neiberg
Line JudgeBrain Carlton
Back judgeRandal Krejcarek
Field judgeMartin Landin
Crew 4First and Last Name
RefereeJohnny Davis
Line JudgeJustin Lucas
Back judgeGarry Hanasky
Field judgeCorey Brown